Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department opens this week 4 weeks earlier than expected.  The project was originally broken into 5 phases so that maximum continued use of the facility could be maintained throughout the duration of construction.  Due to the closure of Palm Drive Hospital, Santa Rosa Memorial experienced a surge in patients and therefore needed the use of the full completed project area.  At that time there were only 4 months remaining in the final phase of the project.  The Project team came together and created an ambitious plan to speed up the construction so that the entire Emergency Department could open August 1.

“We’re excited to open this state-of-the-art facility,” said Todd Salnas, president of St. Joseph Health in Sonoma County. “It means more personalized, private care for our patients and greater comfort. And the expanded space will enable us to reduce patients’ wait times.”   The $15 million project will add 50 percent more capacity at the region’s busiest trauma center.  The remodel of the existing area and a 4,228-square-foot expansion, significantly enlarges the ED from a 19 bay area to 26 private treatment rooms.

Features of the new space in which patients were treated include: an enlarged waiting area with seating for 60 people and a roomier registration and reception area; additional private space for consultations with patient families; a furnished outdoor patio and healing garden – an extension of the waiting area for patients and families.