Markham Vineyards

Location: St. Helena, CA

Project Architect(s): Matt Hollis Architects

Markham Vineyards is one of Napa Valley’s oldest continuously operated wineries. Wright Contracting has been working with the Markham Vineyards team since the late 1980’s when we built the original Winery & Visitor Center, and continuing on to today, as engage once again to help modernize the space while maintaining the history of the winery. For the most recent project, Markham vineyards turned to the renowned Matt Hollis Architects to reimagine the existing first floor tasting room with modern finishes and a new light, bright & airy feel. A renovation of the upstairs office area includes modern technology and a new layout to inspire employee collaboration. We are also executing a complete transformation of the stone cellar, first built in 1879 and previously used for barrel storage. Part of the cellar will now become a second tasting area where guests will have a unique insight into the heritage of Markham Vineyards. A two story glass partition will divide the cellar space in half, with half being used for the new tasting area and half continuing to be used for barrel storage. The entry to the winery is also being completely revamped to further enhance the guest experience. New planting and hardscape will welcome guests and also allow Markham a third area for a unique tasting experience.

Past work on production facilities included installation of seven new stainless steel fermentation tanks. Additionally, during this phase, a new mat slab foundation was added, along with all appurtenant utilities and catwalk structures required for the new tanks.