Calistoga Odd Fellows Building Seismic Retrofit & Renovation

Project Architect(s): Stephen Cuddy - Napa Design Partners

Wright Contracting is performing a rehabilitation, repair and improvement of the historic Odd Fellows building in Calistoga. The work includes structural repair and retrofit of existing URM walls, exterior repair and restoration of terra cotta, wood windows and glazing, and window and door openings previously filled with brick. The building is being re-roofed, new parapets are being installed, and skylights are being replaced. The new structural steel bracing system, along with a new concrete foundation and repairs to the existing, historic URM walls is necessary due to settlement damage at floor, ceiling and roof framing. Interior work includes lobby stair balustrade protection, removal of all non-structural interior partitions and flooring, as well as doors and casework, some of which will be reused.