Enchanted Hills Camp for the blind and Wright Contracting, general contractor, have joined forces to replace structures that burned down and modernize infrastructure. Currently underway is underground boring- and it’s definitely not boring! There will be three different bores- one 16” in diameter and two 12” diameter. When complete, each will contain approximately 8 different pipes, safely locating water, domestic and fire, electricity and fiber optics underground first time. This process will help eliminate future fire risk and enable the camp to have solar power, water for firefighting and wifi everywhere on the camp’s 311 acres. This is a big undertaking and the process is quite impressive.

The images show:
1) The rig, from which the operator is directing the bore head 100’s of feet out.
2) In the middle of the image, you can just make out the person who is standing over the spot where the bore head was working it’s way through a rocky patch underground.
3) The string identifying the path that the boring is to follow and the machine used to guide and track the location of the bore head, monitor the conditions underground, and convey information about the progress being made.

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