Wright Contracting, Inc. is committed to minimizing the adverse impact on the environment from its activities. We seek to promote a culture of sustainability throughout our organization by utilizing our environmental policy’s key components listed below on every project.  New to our effort to promote efficient building, we’ve added Green Cost Engineering and Sustainable Best Practices to our list of Pre-Construction Services.

Key Components:

  • Comply or exceed federal, state, and local environmental regulations.
  • Use local subcontractors and locally manufactured products to minimize pollution caused by transportation.
  • 75% recycling of jobsite construction debris materials.
  • Manage indoor environmental quality with plan and use of low VOC products.
  • Encourage sourcing of products from sustainable sources when feasible (FSC lumber).
  • Develop procedures to optimize response to environmentally sensitive incidents and circumstances.
  • Continually seek to improve our internal processes for optimizing waste reduction.
  • Encouraging professional development of staff towards achieving a diverse and knowledgeable team across all areas of sustainability and stewardship.