Planning & Construction

Early involvement in a project during the Pre-Construction Management phase is the golden opportunity to improve the overall outcome of a project.  Wright Contracting, Inc. offers full and in-depth conceptual planning, schematic design and design development input.  Our Pre-Construction Team has the critical experience necessary to be the catalyst during the planning process, to ensure that every project comes in on budget and on schedule. 

Our Pre-Construction services include:

  • Site Evaluation and project feasibility strategizing
  • Design constructability review to aid in materials, means and methods selection
  • Project budgets and schedules that evolve as project develops
  • Accounting and Budget management systems
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and related bid analysis
  • Warranty and Maintenance policy development
  • Green Cost Engineering and Sustainability Best Practices project evaluation

Organization and dedication are the key components to our Construction Management Services.  Our Project Managers and Superintendents work together to form a tight knit team with a proven track record on over 800 major projects throughout the North Bay.  Wright Contracting is proud to have built many landmarks in our community, and our success is evident in the many repeat clients who have come to us to build for them.  Over the last 60 years of construction, Wright Contracting has developed a comprehensive system of Construction Management that we continuously adapt and improve to better meet the dynamic needs of our clients and the ever changing building industry landscape.

Our unique approach includes:

  • Full time onsite Superintendent.
  • Local office Project Managers.
  • Transparent and Accessible Budget Tracking with real time job cost controls for owners review and reporting.
  • Weekly jobsite safety meetings and strict quality control protocol with subcontractors.
  • Long term, positive and forward thinking relationships with local jurisdictions, governing bodies, reporting agencies, industry professionals, subcontractors and suppliers.